Style is the imprint of who we are and what we do.
(René Daumal)

Since 1965 we produce knitwear for haute couture.

All our savoir-faire and craftsman excellence are at the service of the stylist’s creative intuition

Being at the service of the stylist is not only a question of humility. It is above all a constant effort to uncover an accord, a feeling, which then results in the perfect realization of an idea. In reality, all of our work in its finest expression is based on elective affinities.

Knowing how to listen, perceive, understand: if we had to choose our best quality, one that we are continuously trying to perfect, this would be it. Dialogue with style centers, surrounding all aspects involved in the creation of a piece, is the true compass driving our work.
We can and do make suggestions, explaining every technical choice and process.
But above all, we are committed to understanding the thoughts and desires of the stylist.