It is then time to bring our culture and the know-how we have refined over the years into play, in a precious blend of craftsman tradition and the utmost quality.

The entire process for creating a piece takes place in-house, thanks to forty people dedicated to quality and beauty.
Here we refer to design, weaving, hand cutting fabrics and creating a unique piece, packaging, washing, hand ironing and inspection.


There is nothing so fascinating as the intuition of the stylist taking shape and becoming something tangible and real.
We pride ourselves in our pattern making, the stuff of dreams that becomes reality, substance and shape on the body of a simple mannequin. There are those with us who have dedicated their entire lives to this art, a true passion.

Ironing the shape into the piece, transforming it with their hands and the iron.
In the hands of an expert ironer, the iron becomes a malleable, sensitive tool, one that lets the piece take shape and become what it was conceived to be. The iron is so sensitive that it is often accompanied by the hand, a touch from one and then a touch from the other, in an elegant process of love and perfection.